CoolSculpting technology has taken the world by storm and is presently the #1 non-invasive body sculpting procedure. It utilizes state-of-the-art Coolsculpting applicators. These applicators employ the cryolipolysis method to deliver excellent results.

Coolsculpting applicators eliminate pockets of fat in nine problematic areas. It has a controlled cooling system that reduces stubborn fat efficiently.

A certified Coolsculpting technician or provider performs the treatment. They use CoolSculpting applicators, which are comfortable, convenient, and virtually painless. The treatments generally last for 35 minutes with minimal to little downtime.

Process of CoolSculpting Applicators:

CoolSculpting has a range of applicators. All of them play a role in fat reduction & body sculpting. This procedure uses a process called cryolipolysis. The applicator exposes the fat deposit to freezing temperatures. This is all done without harming the overlying skin or the areas surrounding it. The body then disposes of the frozen & dead fat cells as waste through the liver.

Different Types and Collection of CoolSculpting Applicators:

There are several different types of applicators, depending on the area of the body which needs to be treated. Overall, there are seven CoolSculpting applicators to help eliminate stubborn fat cells. All the applicators are capable of treating different regions of the physique.

  1. CoolPetite Advantage™

This applicator is small, but it adjusts to all body sizes and fat regions. It reduces fat with pinpoint precision. CoolPetite Advantage tackles and treats the most troubled area of the body in the upper arms region.

In addition, this innovative applicator effectively works on other body fatty tissues located in places such as the arms, knees, and back of thighs, etc. And it freezes away bra bulges and banana rolls.

  1. CoolFit Advantage™

One of the best applicators to reduce fat cells in the inner thighs is CoolFit Advantage. CoolFit Advantage has one of the most innovative cup designs to target fat and tone the body effectively.

The Coolsculpting applicator is very comfortable, with minimal bruising. Due to its efficiency, treatment time is reduced by 50%. CoolFit Advantage also treats abdomen, arms, and outer thighs area. 

  1. CoolMini™ Applicator

This CoolMini applicator is excellent for targeting stubborn fat cells which cause a double chin. It targets submental fullness that leads to a double chin appearance. In just 35 minute treatments, the CoolMini applicator helps eliminate unwanted fat under the chin. The CoolMini is the smallest in the line of Coolsculpting applicators.

  1. CoolCurve+ Advantage™

 CoolCurve+ Advantage is one of the most effective applicators for people with narrow body frames. It is also a top-rated body sculpting tool for targeting problem areas such as bra bulges, banana rolls, and flank areas, etc.

Fat cells near the waist and other surrounding regions can easily be targeted by the CoolCurve Coolsculpting applicator. This state-of-the-art body sculpting tool is specifically made to contour the natural curvature of the body.

  1. CoolCore Advantage™

The CoolCore Advantage targets abdomen area fat. This is one of the most problematic areas known for resisting diet and exercise. The abs can be sculpted easily by the use of this applicator. This particular CoolSculpting applicator is the most popular and widely used for fat reduction.

  1. CoolCurve Advantage™ Plus

In an advanced line of applicators, CoolCurve Advantage Plus is the biggest applicator available. The innovative design is superior for removing extra flab and fat. It easily reduces fat located around the hips, arms, and chest.

The CoolCurve Advantage Plus CoolSculpting applicator is also used on men to reduce man boobs or moobs around the chest area. Learn more about CoolSculpting for men.

  1. CoolCore Advantage™ Plus

Earning its nickname as Lunchtime Lipo, this CoolSculpting applicator needs only 35 minutes to deliver optimal results during each treatment. It can target all the bulging regions in the upper and lower abdomen sections. The de-bulking tool is one of the best applicators since

it’s a 2 in 1 fat blaster. Fat pockets in the upper and lower abdomen are no match for this advanced fat reduction tool.

Coolsculpting Near Me

The best way to determine which applicator is suitable for your stubborn fat is by finding a top-rated Coolsculpting provider near you. Dōcerē Medical Spa and Laser Center has years of experience and certified Coolsculpting technicians ready to help you. Start by scheduling your free consultation. Call 216-446-8467 to find out about Coolsculpting costs,  applicators and/or any other questions you may have.


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Core Workout with CoolTone

Core Workout with CoolTone

Many people wish for an attractive, slim waistline with sculpted abs. Now, with CoolTone’s core workout, you can achieve the body of your dreams. Countless men and women spend unnecessary time searching for a core workout that chisels their midsection. Unfortunately, the number of crunches it takes to obtain a defined six-pack makes this aesthetic almost unattainable for most individuals. Thankfully, CoolTone provides people with an intense core workout to define their abdomen in just 30 minutes. This revolutionary body sculpting treatment is FDA cleared to strengthen, firm, and tone the abdominals. Learn more about CoolTone here.

What Do Regular Core Workouts Do?

Regular, manual exercise can only do so much for your physique. Sit-ups, crunches, and planks are good ab exercises to work your core. However, they may not particularly chisel your midsection the way you might expect.

What Do Regular Core Workouts Not Do?

Science shows that six-pack abs are elusive for most people, no matter how hard they go in the gym. The truth is that for most people, genetics play a significant factor in how their bodies react to manual exercise. Unfortunately, most people can spend countless hours in the gym daily and still not see the defined abdomen they want.

Moreover, you can have strong abs, but if you carry extra weight around your belly, it can obscure those abdominal muscles. No amount of core exercises can change that. Even the idea that specific exercises can spot reduce abdominal fat and sculpt washboard abs is a myth. Working out muscles that lay below fat deposits doesn’t specifically target that overlying bulge.

Work Your Core with CoolTone

Fortunately, for those who don’t have the right genetics or time to spend countless hours in the gym working out, CoolTone is scientifically proven to strengthen your core.

CoolTone uses advanced electromagnetic technology to induce a physical response known as magnetic muscle stimulation. During a treatment, the electromagnetic energy penetrates the muscle tissue below the skin. This energy stimulates the tissue, causing contractions.

One single CoolTone treatment induces more than 20,000 contractions in a single, painless, 30-minute session.

These are not regular muscle contractions like the ones you induce with manual exercise. The contractions your muscles receive during CoolTone are known as Supramaximal contractions. These superman contractions help place powerful tension on the target tissue. The body adapts to the tension by creating more muscle cells and enlarging existing muscle tissue. The result is a stronger, more sculpted core.

Core Workouts with CoolTone Near Me

If you live in the Strongsville, Ohio area and want to learn more about core workouts with CoolTone, contact Dōcerē Medical Spa and Laser Center. We are a leading CoolTone provider in the area with a full staff of exceptional treatment specialists. Call us at 216-446-8467 to schedule your free consultation or reach out to us online to learn more about this core workout.


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CoolTone Stomach | 30-min Treatment for Six Pack Abs

CoolTone Stomach | 30-min Treatment for Six Pack Abs

CoolTone stomach treatments provide a revolutionary way to strengthen and tone the abdomen. CoolTone comes from the makers of CoolSculpting, the famous fat-freezing treatment. While CoolSculpting targets stubborn bulges, CoolTone targets muscles. Utilizing advanced electromagnetic energy, CoolTone stimulates powerful muscle contractions in the abdomen. This results in a stronger core and a more sculpted stomach.

Read on to learn more about CoolTone stomach treatments and how this new body contouring treatment can help you obtain the coveted washboard look.

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The Quest for Six Pack Abs

A trim stomach and sculpted abs are the hallmarks of a fit physique. Unfortunately, the washboard aesthetic, like the rest of our body composition, is heavily influenced by heredity. Most people do not have the genetics needed to obtain less than 10% belly fat, a requirement for seeing underlying abdominal musculature.

Fortunately, CoolSculpting belly fat and CoolTone stomach treatments can help slim your waistline and bulk up your abs to help you achieve the abdomen of your dreams.

How Does CoolTone Sculpt the Stomach?

The abdomen consists of four major muscle groups. These include:

  • The Transverse abdominis muscles(the deep core muscles that stabilize the trunk.)
    • The Rectus abdominis muscles (the vertical muscles that make up the “six-pack”)
    • The External oblique muscles (the side abdominals responsible for twisting the flank)
    • The Internal oblique muscles ( the abdominal muscles on the flanks that work with the external obliques for twisting the trunk.)

CoolTone stomach treatments target all four muscle groups of the abdomen. During the muscle-building procedure, an applicator is attached to the stomach. This applicator emits pulses of electromagnetic energy. Known as magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS,) the energy pulses stimulate powerful muscle contractions.

During a typical ab workout, only 40% of your muscle’s maximum capacity is reached. In comparison, a CoolTone treatment works tissues up to 100% of the muscle’s maximum capacity.

A single, 30-minute treatment induces more than 20,000 contractions. Imagine performing 20,000 crunches in an attempt to match the workout from a single CoolTone treatment! No wonder CoolTone is nicknamed “Superman’s ab-workout.”

CoolTone Stomach Before and After

The before and after pictures demonstrate how effective CoolTone treatments on the stomach can be. As with any cosmetic treatment, results may vary. To ensure optimal outcomes, find a provider with ample experience and expertise in screening candidates for this technique-sensitive treatment

cooltone before and after
cooltone before and after

Reducing Belly Fat to Expose Your Six-Pack

You may have strong, sculpted abs, but no one will know it if your abdominal muscles are obscured by overlying belly fat. That is why many CoolTone patients undergo CoolSculpting before the muscle-building treatment. By eliminating stubborn fat cells that cling to the belly, underlying musculature becomes more apparent.

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CoolTone Stomach Treatments Near Me

If you want a slim stomach and solid and chiseled abs, CoolTone may be right for you. Find out by contacting Dōcerē Medical Spa and Laser Center , the premier provider of body contouring treatments in Strongsville, OH. Reach out online or call 216-446-8467 to schedule a free consultation.


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Body Sculpting | Learn Which Body Sculpting Method is the Best Choice

Body Sculpting | Learn Which Body Sculpting Method is the Best Choice

Body sculpting is a treatment that reduces stubborn fat cells and contours a sleek, sexy body with attractive curves and muscles. There are different types of body sculpting treatments available. Learning more about the two most popular body sculpting treatments and how you can select the best option for your body.

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting at Dōcerē Medical Spa and Laser Center

Non-surgical body sculpting is the most selected option for patients seeking a reduction in fat and an overall leaner, sexier physique. Before these treatments emerged, those people had to endure painful, surgical fat reduction options. Now, people can safely and efficiently reduce their embarrassing fat and sculpt a sexy body in comfort.

Popular body sculpting treatments can reduce fat and sculpt sexy curves in the following areas:

  • Lower abdomen
  • Love handles or flanks
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Submental region
  • Upper arms
  • Back and armpit fat
  • Buttocks

Popular Noninvasive Body Sculpting Treatments

Among the most popular body sculpting options, CoolSculpting and Cooltone take the lead. Allergan created both treatments, and each has its own fantastic body sculpting results. CoolSculpting and CoolTone provide patients with a way to reduce embarrassing fat and sculpt sexy body contours without surgery or downtime.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a popular noninvasive body sculpting option that uses a science known as Cryolipolysis. During a cooling session, the treatment areas are exposed to controlled cooling. This temperature effectively freezes the fat cells, causing the cell membrane to rupture. This causes cell death and sends a signal to the body’s lymphatic system. After the treatment, over a few weeks, the body naturally collects the dead cells and expels them as waste. CoolSculpting provides lasting fat reduction because those cells never grow back.

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What is CoolTone

CoolTone is a body sculpting treatment that builds, strengthens, and tones muscles. This treatment can be applied to the abdomen, buttocks, and upper legs. It utilizes magnetic muscle stimulations to induce powerful muscle contractions known as “supramaximal contractions.” These intense contractions are impossible to achieve with manual exercise. Each Cooltone procedure induces 20,000 contractions in the treatment area.

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Combining Body Sculpting Treatments

CoolSculpting and Cooltone are sister treatments, meaning they can be combined for a dramatic total body transformation. The two treatments complete each other. This means that when a patient treats the abdomen with CoolSculpting, they experience reduced belly fat and visible abdomen muscles. Patients can follow that up with a CoolTone session that can stimulate and sculpt hard abs. Each treatment magnifies the other’s results.

Body Sculpting Near Me

If you want to learn more about the body sculpting options and how they can change your body, contact Dōcerē Medical Spa and Laser Center. Call us at 216-446-8467 to schedule your complimentary body sculpting consultation. During your visit, you can speak with one of our knowledgeable body sculpting specialists. They will evaluate your body and listen to your needs, then craft the perfect treatment plan with the best body sculpting option for your individual needs.


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