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The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure provides people with a way to enhance their buttocks. Unfortunately, this method involves several drawbacks, including invasive surgery, pain, and a lengthy recovery. Cooltone provides people with a safe, effective way to achieve a butt lift without painful, invasive surgeries. This popular body shaping treatment improves muscle tone in the glutes for a shapelier butt. Treatments also enhance the glutes’ muscle mass for a more plump look.
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Read on to learn more about the CoolTone treatment and discover if a non-surgical butt lift is right for you.

How Does Cool Tone Work?

Cool Tone is FDA cleared to strengthen, build, and tone large muscle groups. This treatment uses advanced magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) technology. This technology penetrates the muscles of the butt for a BBL effect using magnetic energy. The energy is painless and effectively stimulates muscle fibers in the glutes, inducing powerful contractions known as supramaximal contractions. Each “superhuman” contraction places tension on the muscle tissues, causing the body to create and fortify the glutes’ muscle fibers.

Creating new muscle fibers improves volumetric growth and produces plumper glute muscles. Furthermore, treatments fortify existing fibers improving the muscle tone. Cool Tone provides a non-surgical butt lift that requires no surgery or pain.

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The Superhuman Way to Achieve a Cooltone Butt

Supramaximal contractions occur during a CoolTone session. Moreover, 20,000 contractions in the glute muscles occur during one 30-minute treatment. To accomplish this work manually, a person would have to do 20,000 squats manually. Manually achieving this is impossible for most people. Thankfully, CoolTone makes it easy to plump and shape the glutes. Men and women choose Cooltone to achieve a BBL without pain or risks.

Why Millions Select Cooltone or a Butt Lift

Cooltone was created by Allergen, the same people who brought fat reduction with CoolSculpting to the industry. Millions of people utilize fat freezing treatments to freeze away stubborn fat cells. Now, Allergen gives people an opportunity to enhance their muscles and build a strong body with Cooltone.

How to Get the Best CoolTone Butt

If you want the best non-surgical butt lift results, it is important to select the most reputable provider. Dōcerē Medical Spa and Laser Center is a top-rated provider of CoolTone in the Strongsville, Ohio area. We provide clients with a safe, effective way to achieve a butt lift free from any drawbacks of the regular BBL.

Schedule a FREE Cooltone consultation to learn more about this popular body shaping treatment and discover if it is right for you. During your visit, you interact with a body shaping specialist. They evaluate your body and listen to your aesthetic body goals, then determine if CoolTone is right for you. If this popular treatment is suitable for you, our specialists create the perfect treatment plan to help you achieve a rounder, lifted, aesthetically pleasing butt.

CoolTone Butt Near Me

If you want to achieve a non-surgical butt lift, contact Dōcerē Medical Spa and Laser Center. Call us at 216-446-8467 to schedule your complimentary consultation or reach out to us online to learn more about CoolTone.


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