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Questions to Ask Before Going to a Medical Spa:

A medical spa is a combination of two concepts – a medical clinic and a day spa. At Docere Medical Spa & Laser Center we combine the luxury, comfort, and services of a spa with more intensive therapies and treatments for skin conditions that may only be performed by licensed medical professionals. In addition to facials and more common procedures performed by aestheticians, at Docere we also use new technologies like lasers, light based treatments and injections such as botox or fillers that are only administered by or performed under the direction of a physician by the appropriate licensed personnel.

Dr. Jeff Viscomi, is board certified in family medicine and is also certified in laser and light-based therapies. He has extensive experience in laser procedures and is a member of the Aesthetic Practice Association. Dr. Ray Seballos, is a board certified Plastic Surgeon with more than a decade of experience. Both doctors have their offices on the premises and oversee and perform medical procedures at the spa. At Docere Medical Spa & Laser Center, all medical procedures are reviewed and approved by one of our two physicians and performed by licensed, trained and experienced doctors, nurses, therapists or aestheticians depending on the procedure. Docere has a rigorous process for establishing and reviewing protocols for all of our procedures and active engagement by the highest caliber of medical professionals.

Its important to ask about the credentials and experience of the person who will perform your service. The staff at Docere maintains the highest levels of licensing and training for the services they perform. We maintain compliance with all state laws and guidelines from the American Society for Laser Surgery. We also have our own review process in place to establish and review protocols for all of our practices. You will find licenses and certifications displayed in our treatment area and in our staff profile book at reception.

The field of skin care is changing quickly with new technology being introduced every day. At Docere, an Alma Harmony Laser is used for IPL procedure and also for hair removal. Unlike earlier generations of CO2 or fraxel laser, this technologically advanced equipment allows us to provide you with incredible results, minimal discomfort and no downtime.

At Docere you will discuss your goals and issues during a preliminary consultation. You will receive an honest assessment of your skin condition, choice of treatment and expected results. Our goal is to safely administer the most effective and efficient treatment identified for your specific needs. As part of our consultation process, we’ll take daylight and ultra-violet photos to better define the condition of your skin below the surface layers of the epidermis.

Red flags

There have been spas investigated and indicted for owners acting as doctors or nurses and even performing procedures that are only legally permitted to be performed by physicians. Never take someone’s word for it. Medical professionals are required by law to hang their license in their place of business. Ensure that anyone who performs laser or light-based treatments is a physician and view their license. Medical and cosmetology licenses are a matter of public record.

You can verify that your service provider is licensed by visiting the Ohio License Center. Note, nurses or other licensed personnel are only permitted to use a laser for the purpose of hair removal and it must be under the supervision of a physician. Anyone, other than a physician, who uses a laser for any other purpose is violating state law and putting you at risk of serious of injury.

There should be a supervising doctor in the room with you or available in case of an emergency, should your service not require a doctor present. Make sure that the equipment that is being used is FDA approved for the service you are receiving. Note that not all equipment is approved for all services. Find out what equipment will be used for your service and check the manufacturer’s site to check FDA approval.

Ask to speak to a patient that received similar treatment or check the Better Business Bureau.

Promotional discounts are normal but beware discounts that are too good to be true as they indicate the spa may be cutting quality

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