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Belly fat is a common problem for millions of people around the world. Fat cells naturally gather in the lower stomach region. Despite living a healthy lifestyle by eating clean or exercising, you can still fall victim to stubborn belly fat. This is true because the fat in the abdomen has many causes. The leading causes are gender, age, genetics, hormones, and certain medical conditions. Fortunately, there is a treatment for reducing belly fat without painful surgery or a complicated recovery. CoolSculpting stomach offers a simple solution for a problem that millions of people struggle with daily. Read on to learn more about belly fat and how you can easily reduce it with CoolSculpting.

Known Causes of Belly Fat

For men, the stomach area is the body’s default region for storing extra fat cells. Estrogen directs the body to deposit more fat in the thighs, buttocks, and hips for women. As women age, their estrogen levels drop, causing fat to gather more commonly in the belly. Furthermore, hormones and age also place a significant role in belly fat.

Metabolism for both men and women affects the belly. The metabolism begins to decline as our bodies get older, causing them to use fewer calories each day. Slower metabolism means fat cells are stored more easily and become even harder to lose.

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Belly Fat Solutions

Watching what you eat and working out consistently are both great ways to control or maintain healthy body weight. They are both, however, not always enough to hold extra belly fat at bay. As a result, many struggle with excess fat deposits in the belly that resist diet and exercise. These people often turn to professional help to reduce stubborn fat.

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures to date. It is an effective way to eliminate fat, but it has several drawbacks, including invasive surgery, needles, general anesthesia, and a long recovery process. For people who wish to avoid this, CoolSculpting provides the perfect non-invasive solution for belly fat.

CoolSculpting Belly Fat | The Non-Surgical Solution

CoolSculpting is the #1 non-surgical fat reduction available. It is FDA cleared as safe and effective for reducing fat cells from various areas on the body from the head to the knee. Treatments use a calibrated cooling technology to freeze and destroy fat cells. Once the cells die, they naturally process out of the body through the lymphatic system as a form of waste. As a result, CoolSculpting patients enjoy a simple solution for eliminating belly fat, free from any surgical drawbacks.

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