DIY Coolsculpting: It doesn’t work, and it’s dangerous

DIY Coolsculpting

DIY Coolsculpting: It doesn’t work, and it’s dangerous

DIY Coolsculpting is a recent trend and involves people attempting to remove fat on their own at home without the help of a clinic or trained professionals. Often these people end up being hospitalized after receiving frostbite injuries instead of the fat reduction they were trying for.

Coolsculpting is a precise, controlled procedure done in a medical environment, which minimizes numerous risks through the careful way it is set up. While people may try to make their treatment on what they know, this can lead to harmful results.

Furthermore, CoolSculpting at home doesn’t work. Read on to learn why.

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What is Cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is the freezing of fat cells to reduce fatty bulges like belly fat or love handles. Targeted cooling is sent beneath the skin layer using a suction device, which then targets the fat cells. These specific cells have a lower tolerance to cold than skin and flesh and are killed upon being frozen by the targeted cooling. They’re cleaned up by the body’s immune system internally, with the end goal being a reduction of fat in the targeted area.

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Why is DIY Coolsculpting a dangerous trend?

DIY Coolsculpting is quite dangerous, as most people attempt to replicate Coolsculpting at home with little or no knowledge of how the procedure works. Often, they cover areas of their bodies in ice packs to emulate the process. This does not affect at all on fat, as it’s not reaching below the skin to target the fat cells.

Instead, this usually results in the applicant receiving frostbite on their skin.

What safeguards are in place?

The Coolsculpting machine itself is quite advanced and is built with cutting edge, sophisticated technology. Several auto safety shut-offs will cancel the operation if any of the sensors detect something is wrong. This includes if it detects that the skin is reaching an unsafe temperature range.

A special insulating gel pad is also applied to the application area, which insulates the surrounding skin and prevents frostbite. It also allows the cooling technology to penetrate the skin safely and directly affects only the targeted fat cells.

Lastly, the device is applied by trained medical professionals who are adept in the device’s operation. They monitor the entire procedure and ensure that your safety is your top priority.

Coolsculpting At Home Doesn’t Work

Not only is DIY CoolSculpting dangerous, but it also doesn’t work. Three important factors cannot be duplicated at home by applying ice packs to stubborn bulges.

  1. Fat cells move inward from external cold, moving away from the skin’s surface to protect themselves. The CoolSculpting machine counters this by suctioning the stubborn bulge up into an applicator. This draws the fat cells towards the surface and secures them into place. Moreover, suction allows for a 360-degree exposure to precisely controlled cooling.
  2. Temperatures are not precisely controlled with ice packs. The CoolSculpting machine sets the temperature to be cold enough to freeze fat cells, but not too cold that it freezes the skin. Most people who attempt Cool Sculpting at home apply too cold of temperature, often resulting in frostbite.
  3. Fat cells must be exposed to precisely controlled freezing for at least 35-minutes. Ice packs cannot maintain a consistently cold temperature. When placed on the skin, the body transfers heat, warming up the icepack.

Freeze Your Fat The Right Way

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