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The 3 Best Body Contouring Treatments to Try in 2023

Your body is your home. You should feel comfortable and confident in your skin, anywhere you go. Sometimes, even the most dedication to healthy eating and staying active can’t quite bring results. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck.

Body contouring can help you get to where you want to be. Body contouring is an umbrella term for any non-invasive procedure that reduces fat throughout the body. It’s been around for decades and has become increasingly popular in recent years. People realize how effective it is at eliminating stubborn fat and sculpting their dream bodies. Plus, technological advances only make body contouring machines more effective.

Is more self-love on your new year’s resolution list? Get rid of insecurities with the top three body contouring treatments.

The three best body contouring solutions include CoolSculpting Elite, CoolTone, and Emsculpt NEO. Let’s investigate each and how they can improve your body’s appearance in unique ways.

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1. CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting freezes fat cells to reduce unwanted fat bulges. The device uses controlled cooling to eliminate fat cells and help you achieve stunning contours. The process takes about 30 minutes and is painless. You can return to work after the treatment, though you may experience mild swelling, tingling, or numbness at the treatment site(s). These side effects subside within 2-3 days without intervention. Of course, if you have concerns after a session, be sure to reach out to your provider.

CoolSculpting Candidates

If you’re tired of looking at the fat that you can’t get rid of and are generally in good health, you are likely a good candidate for CoolSculpting. There should be at least enough fat to pinch and hold onto. However, more than three inches of fat to pinch might make you a better candidate for liposuction. If you are uninterested in lipo and are not pregnant or planning to become pregnant, schedule a consultation. Your healthcare provider will evaluate and determine whether this is a good treatment for you.

CoolSculpting Treatment Areas

With different applicators, CoolSculpting is incredibly versatile—you can target the chin, love handles, “pooch” around the abdomen, back rolls near the bra line, and even your inner thighs! Once treated, you’ll notice smoother skin within 2-3 weeks. But, of course, as with any cosmetic procedure, each person’s experience with CoolSculpting varies.

CoolSculpting Process

During your CoolSculpting appointment, a specialist places the cooling panel on your treatment area, which will reduce fat cells beneath your skin via Cryolipolysis. After a few months, your body metabolizes the dead fat cells and processes them as waste. As a result, you’ll notice a slimmer, more attractive figure as the dead cells are removed from your system.

Contrary to what some might think, CoolSculpting is not a weight loss solution. With that said, it’s great for people close to their ideal weight but who want an alternative way of contouring their bodies without surgical procedures.

CoolSculpting Elite Before and After*

*Results may vary depending on the number of sessions, treatment intensity, and individual body composition.

2. CoolTone

Instead of fat-freezing to reduce stubborn fat, CoolTone targets the muscles, creating powerful contractions to build them up. It works by a process known as magnetic muscle stimulation, which creates the equivalence of 25,000 sit-ups. The results are natural-looking and come with no downtime.

Ideal CoolTone Candidates

If you’ve hit a plateau on your workout journey, it might be time to consider CoolTone for the boost you need. It’s highly effective for use on the abdomen, thighs, and glutes. As an added bonus, using CoolTone on your abdomen means you’re strengthening your core muscles. This brings posture improvements and less back pain. Whether you suffer from back discomfort or have specific trouble spots, this procedure offers a solution.

CoolTone Results

The CoolTone contractions strengthen the muscle fibers in the treatment site(s). As a result, patients notice a firmer, stronger, and more toned physique. Electromagnetic energy also triggers the body to produce more collagen, thereby tightening the skin.

CoolTone Procedure

The procedure isn’t painful, but you can expect to feel a repetitive muscle spasm as the CoolTone machine works. Electromagnetic pulses stimulate muscle contractions, strengthening the muscle fibers and burning some fat. Just like CoolSculpting, the sessions are short. You can schedule 30-minute appointments during your lunch breaks and comfortably return to activities afterward.

CoolTone Before and After*

*Results may vary.

3. Emsculpt NEO

Can’t choose whether you want to eliminate fat bulges or build muscle? Maybe you want both? Emsculpt NEO distinguishes itself from CoolSculpting and CoolTone by reducing fat and building muscle at the same time. That means you don’t have to decide whether you want to treat your muscles, unwanted fat, or skin concerns. You can have it all!

Emsculpt NEO Candidates

It’s important to understand that since Emsculpt NEO uses magnetic muscle stimulation, metal cannot be near the treatment area. For example, copper IUDs need removal before a session.

The only other contraindication would be those with a BMI higher than 35.

How Emsculpt NEO Works

Using HIFEM (High-Intensity Electromagnetic Energy) radiofrequency to promote collagen production and muscle growth, Emsculpt NEO tightens skin and melts fat. Depending on the spots you’re treating and desired results, one or two applicators will sit on the treatment areas.

HIFEM technology stimulates supramaximal contractions that strengthen the muscles. Radiofrequency technology reduces fat and brings elasticity back. These involuntary contractions can feel a bit strange at first, as with any professional body contouring machine. You will begin at a lower intensity to let your body adjust. Your provider will carefully increase the intensity to maximize results throughout the 30-minute session.

Emsculpt NEO Results

There are three things that Emsculpt NEO enhances:

  1.  Muscle definition: Not only will you notice a difference in your physical appearance, but you will also find that workouts become easier because you are stronger.
  2.  Fat reduction: We tend to see about a 30% fat reduction due to the transformational capabilities of radiofrequency.
  3.  Skin tightening: Radiofrequency is also the reason that this treatment is proven to bring patients tighter skin.

It is also an effective solution for improving rectus muscle diastasis. This is when abdominal muscles separate, commonly after pregnancy.

If you’re looking to lose the final bits of stubborn fat on your body while toning up, Emsculpt NEO is a promising option.

Emsculpt NEO Before and After*

*Results may vary. Your consultation is a good opportunity to learn what your individual results might be.

Body Contouring in Strongsville, OH

Visit Dōcerē Medical Spa and Laser Center if you’re considering body contouring to get your dream body in 2023. We are a top-rated provider of CoolSculpting Elite and CoolTone treatments in Strongsville, OH. Call (440) 238-3331 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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Important Safety Information

CoolSculpting® is FDA-cleared to treat visible fat bulges in 9 areas of the body. Some common side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort, and swelling.

CoolTone® is FDA-cleared to strengthen, tone, and firm the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. Common side effects include muscle, joint, or tendon pain, muscle spasm, and skin redness.

Dr. Jeffrey Viscomi

Dr. Viscomi received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Dayton. He then went on to graduate from Wright State University School of Medicine in the top 10% of his class. Following residency at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Viscomi began his Family Practice in Strongsville and quickly became a nationally recognized leader in primary care for his unique practice model. Dr. Viscomi is a member of the Aesthetics Practice Association and has completed extensive training in the use of laser in aesthetic procedures.

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