Ultherapy: A Non-Surgical Rewind

Docere Medical Spa & Laser Center was one of the first practices in Northeast Ohio to debut Ultherapy in 2012. We’ve performed more than 500 treatments to date, and we hold the distinction of winning the Ultherapy Ultra Award the last three years and are among the top three performing practices in the Midwest.

Return to a Younger-Looking You

FDA-cleared Ultherapy creates a natural lift from within by heating connective tissues that line the facial muscles and stimulating the body’s own healing mechanism. It reaches the deeper foundational skin layers to lift and firm skin on the upper face and brow, around the eyes and on the middle and lower face, the neck and the decollete. During the treatment, the ultrasound device enables the clinician to visualize and precisely target energy to support structures in the face, neck, and decolletage. “Technology is about much more than simply purchasing the equipment for the procedure,” says Lori Leonard, who runs Docere. “We consider our staff to be our greatest technical asset and it’s our experience and focus on results that set us apart.”

Under the direction of Docere’s Dr. Jeffrey Viscomi, Kathy Fiocco-Schwab and Dawn Fischer are the lead clinicians who perform Ultherapy. They’ve undergone advanced training both in Cleveland and Phoenix.

“Attending the extensive training helped us master different techniques for placing the ultrasound energy on the sides of the affected muscle, like under the chin, to produce the most natural-looking results,” says Dawn.

Ultherapy before and after 120 days brow


Kathy reports that since the thermal activity goes on beneath the epidermis, there is no redness or irritation on the surface, so people can go right back to work after a treatment.“The most common area patients want to improve is their ‘turkey gobbler’ under their chin, and a close second is to redefine a sagging jaw,” explains Kathy.

What Patients Are Saying

Kathy and Dawn mention Linda of Parma and Kay of North Royalton, patients in their 50’s, who have recently undergone Ultherapy. Although Linda was concerned with sagging cheeks and a draping neck, her high-profile job didn’t lend itself to plastic surgery and the downtime for healing it entails.“After I watched an episode of Housewives of Orange County, in which they made a trip to their plastic surgeon for an Ultherapy treatment, seeing this made me take another look,” says Linda.

She underwent a full face and neck. Though she said she felt slight discomfort and tightening along the jawline afterward, she looked instantly refreshed and continued to see improving results over the next several months.

For Kay, the goal was to decrease the sagging in her jawline and laxity in her lower face. She had previously lost a lot of weight quickly and felt this procedure would tighten the flaccid areas.“I have friends asking me what I’m doing to look so much younger, and I tell them about Ultherapy,” says Kay. “There was no downtime and I started seeing results within three weeks. My experience was five star!”

Are You the Right Candidate?

“Not everyone is a good candidate for Ultherapy,” says Lori. “We are completely honest about balancing the expectations of the patient with the reality of what a procedure can accomplish. We do not recommend a treatment that’s not consistent with their goals. Our clinicians are professionals who put the patient first. Unlike other practices, no one is ‘selling’ procedures here.” She says the ideal candidate is late 40’s to upper 60’s with some sagging and drooping.

The cost of Ultherapy is a fraction of what a facelift costs, with no operating room or hospital bills. Everything is performed at the luxurious medical spa overlooking the Metroparks in Strongsville. One of the many things that sets Docere apart from other places in the area is the consultation and continuum of care. “If plastic surgery is the best course to achieve what a patient wants, our plastic surgeon on staff, Dr. Ray Seballos, can address that,” Lori says. “Docere has the advantage of being able to provide surgical solutions if it provides the best outcome.”

For more information or to make an appointment for your free consultation, call 440-238- 3331, or request an appointment online here.

This post was originally published on Mimi Vanderhaven by Patricia Nugent.



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TLC: The Only Anti-Aging Treatment You Need

Do you know what Docere’s most comprehensive approach to modern skincare is? TLC. Our Laser TLC skincare treatment combines multiple advanced technologies to treat the most common symptoms of premature aging: color, texture and skin tightness. If you struggle with any of these issues, keep reading. We understand that these are aging issues that men and women alike face, and the TLC treatment is specifically designed to diminish those pesky signs of aging. Docere TLC Plus uses three technologies, in seven treatments, over two months to provide complete skin rejuvenation that you will notice.

Step 1: IPL
First, we use IPL (intense pulsed light) for color rejuvenation. Pulses of light even out your skin color and reduce tiny broken blood vessels and any other color irregularities to ensure smooth, consistent skin tone and color.

Step 2: Ultherapy
Next, we move into an Ultherapy, which tightens and lifts sagging skin by targeting ultrasound deeper into the support structures of the skin of the face and/or neck. Ultherapy has been practiced for 50 years and provides results with no surgery, or downtime. This element of TLC is crucial for skin tightening and eliminating overall signs of aging.

Step 3: Pixel
Lastly, we move into Pixel® for texture and tone. This treatment includes a precision laser that creates thousands of microscopic perforations, which stimulate new collagen to grow, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

“If you’re not ready for a facelift, but you’re no longer satisfied with the results of topical creams and lotions, the Docere TLC treatment may be right for you,” explains Dr. Viscomi, ‘It will improve your skin’s color, texture, and tone without discomfort and downtime.”

Call us at 440-238-3331 to schedule a consultation to see what the TLC treatment can do for you. Take the next step in drastically eliminating signs of aging.



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