Skin Care Services

Signature Treatments

The Trio
Combining microdermabrasion, jet peel and LED Cold Light into one treatment, the Trio intensive exfoliation begins with our microdermabrasion, followed by our ultra- hydrating Jet Peel and finished with a healing LED light therapy. Stimulates collagen and increases cellular turnover, plumps and hydrates skin and reduce inflammation for smooth glowing skin.

Sircuit Oxy Twist
Three exfoliating treatments in one service, our Oxy Twist includes two intensive retinal anti-aging peels followed by healing, hydrating oxygen jet peel.

Fire & Ice
This intensive clinical treatment is designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, reducing fine lines & wrinkles while smoothing, softening and encouraging cellular renewal. Excellent for most skin types and ages, this facial includes resurfacing mask, cooling mask with our hydrating Jet Peel.


Microdermabrasion removes dead skin cells and encourages new cell growth. Diamond tip or crystals are used as an intensive exfoliation to even and smooth skin texture. This treatment can be varied in aggressiveness depending on the client’s needs.

Oxygen Jet Peels

Pure oxygen and a saline solution are used in an exfoliating and hydrating treatment which also kills bacteria and deep cleanses the skin. Jet peels are excellent for any skin type and especially effective as a follow-up to acne treatment.

Fruit Acid Peels

Naturally derived fruit acids encourage exfoliation, kill bacteria and boost collagen production while improving overall tone, texture and leaving a beautiful healthy glow. These medical grade peels will be customized to your skin type and needs.

Organic Relaxation Facials (60 or 30 minute)

Personalized treatments to cleanse exfoliate and nourish the skin using Eminence and Sircuit Cosmeceuticals. (Sixty minute facial includes face, arm & hand massage)

Deep Cleansing Facial

Focused on purging the skin of impurities, each facial is customized to meet our clients individual concerns. Extractions and exfoliation are key to rejuvenate and kill bacteria allowing the skin to regulate oil production. Peels vary in intensity and are customized for the client’s skin condition.

Oxy Deep Cleansing Facial

Combining the popular Deep Cleansing Facial with the healing, hydrating and calming benefits of our Jet Peel. This facial combination is perfect for all ages. From severe acne to assist with killing bacteria and providing healing oxygen to deeper layers of the skin, to mature skin that needs fine lines and wrinkles plumped and softened.

LED Light Therapy

Light energy of five different wave lengths are delivered to the skin and underlying tissues. Twelve custom protocols enable sequencing of visible and infra-red light to target specific skin needs from acne to sun damage. Based on technology developed by NASA, LED was used for astronauts for its healing and pain relief after time in space. LED accelerates skin repair, increases oxygenation and reduces blemishes.

Docere offers the latest in non-surgical aesthetics including lasers, ultherapy, peels and injectables. Our clinicians can help you achieve a healthier, younger looking you! Not sure what’s right for you? Our consultations are free. We never over promise and will never recommend something that’s not right for you. We’ll present your options and work on a plan to meet your interests and budget. And, if surgery is the best choice, we coordinate a free consultation with Dr. Ray Seballos, Docere Plastic Surgery.

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