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Does CoolSculpting Work? | The Revolutionary Body Contouring Treatment

If you’re like most individuals who first hear about freezing away fat, you’re wondering does CoolSculpting work?? The answer is short and sweet, yes! CoolSculpting works to help reduce the appearance of stubborn fat bulges in the belly area, back area, thigh area, and more. This revolutionary body contouring treatment targets and eliminates fat cells so you can get the firm, slim body you have always wanted.

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Does CoolSculpting Work? | Understanding Body Contouring

CoolSculpting uses an advanced cooling technology known as Cryolipolysis to target and damage fat cells beneath the skin. This cooling technology results in a significant reduction in fat cells. Thus, where you used to have stubborn fat bulges, you’ll now have a more smooth, firm body. When the fat cells are subjected to this advanced cooling technology, they freeze. Once frozen, the cells become damaged and die. The fat cells then process out of the body as waste, never to regrow. You will enjoy long-lasting, natural-looking results after just one body contouring treatment!

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CoolSculpting Before and After Images*

Now that you understand the technology involved with CoolSculpting treatment, you may want to see actual proof. CoolSculpting before and after transformations are an excellent source of evidence if you’re still on the fence. Each patient’s before and after image shows a significant reduction in stubborn fat bulges in areas that are notorious for holding excess fat cells — belly, back, and thighs. As with any cosmetic procedure, results may vary depending on your body and treatments. *

Evidence that CoolSculpting works in Clinical Studies

If you’re a person who needs more than just photos as proof, you can look at all of the clinical studies conducted on CoolSculpting. As with any cosmetic procedure, scientific studies have been conducted on the results achieved through body contouring treatments. One clinical study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology shows that “local reductions in flank fat have significant longevity in these subjects and suggest that results from cryolipolysis may be very long-lasting.” The impressive, long-lasting results help to prove how body contouring treatments help top reduce stubborn fat cells.

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Another  clinical study in Safety, Tolerance, and Patient Satisfaction with Non-Invasive Cryolipolysis, states that “Caliper measurements demonstrated a 23% reduction in fat layer with 86% of subjects showing improvement per investigator assessment.” This reduction in the fat layer is added proof that CoolSculpting helps to reduce fat cells to give you a more sculpted, lean body.

CoolSculpting Near Me | Strongsville OH

Stop looking at other patient’s transformation pictures and wondering if it works. Try CoolSculpting for yourself and see what it can do! Call (440) 238-3331 to schedule your CoolSculpting consultation at Docere Medical Spa and Laser Center. Our trained technicians can help answer any of your questions. The technician will also help you find out if you are the perfect CoolSculpting candidate. Stop questioning this revolutionary body contouring treatment and get started on your transformation!


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