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Botox Before and After | Achieve Smooth and Supple Skin

Botox before and after pictures reveal the impressive results you can get from the popular anti-aging injection. Today, people can turn back the clock and restore their youth without going under the knife. Botox is an FDA-approved cosmetic treatment that diminishes wrinkles and treats loose skin. In addition, men and women use it to smooth out lines on the forehead and around the eyes.

As people age, wrinkles become a fact of life. The human body produces less collagen over the years. This causes the skin to lose elasticity. Every time we make facial expressions, muscles contract and cause unsightly creases. Botox relaxes the muscles to make a person’s face look radiant and calm.

Every day, we make facial expressions like frowns without even knowing it. Botox consists of a biodegradable protein that ceases muscle movement. When the muscles are not moving, the skin looks relaxed and line-free. Unlike invasive cosmetic treatments, Botox results are not permanent. The effects last up to half a year before patients need more injections.

Botox Before and After Results*

Botox improves the severity of crow’s feet, forehead lines, frown lines, and other facial wrinkles. When you get injections from a professional, the results are natural-looking. Clients rave about plumper, smoother, and luminous skin after the treatment.

Before getting Botox, it is important to make your expectations clear to your specialist. This way, they can devise an appropriate treatment plan to suit your aesthetic goals. Picking an experienced Botox provider will ensure optimal before and after results. Personal results vary.*

Are Botox Injections Right for Me?

Botox is safe for most people if they are not allergic to Botulinum Toxin. People in their 20s get cosmetic injections as a preventative measure to stop wrinkles from forming. Men and women in their 30s and beyond get them to halt aging signs.

Not sure if you are a good candidate? Schedule a consultation with a top Botox provider like Dōcerē Medical Spa and Laser Center in Strongsville, Ohio. One of our specialists will help you determine whether Botox will give you excellent results without any issues.

Botox benefits are ubiquitous for everyone. But personalized Botox treatments can vary depending on patient needs. After determining candidacy, our team creates a unique treatment plan to give the stellar anti-aging results you crave.

Everyone’s Botox results are different. So, it is important to have realistic expectations going into the treatment. Botox before and after photos help manage expectations by showing what other patients have experienced from receiving injections.

Get Your Botox Before and After Transformation

Dōcerē Medical Spa and Laser Center is a premier provider of cosmetic injections in Strongsville, OH. Call us at (216) 446-8467 to book your initial consultation and get your Botox before and after transformation. Share your skin goals with an expert, so they can create a suitable treatment plan. Ohio residents trust us with their aesthetic treatments because we prioritize patient wellness. We aim to make you look and feel your best without compromising your health.

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Jeffrey Viscomi | M.D. of Docere Medspa.

Jeffrey Viscomi, MD

Dr. Viscomi received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Dayton. He then went on to graduate from Wright State University School of Medicine in the top 10% of his class. Following residency at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Viscomi began his Family Practice in Strongsville and quickly became a nationally recognized leader in primary care for his unique practice model. Dr. Viscomi is a member of the Aesthetics Practice Association and has completed extensive training in the use of laser in aesthetic procedures.

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