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Fruit Acid Peels – $42
Organic fruit acids are used to kill bacteria and exfoliate. The skin is left smooth and clean with a beautiful healthy glow.

Organic Facials – $45/$75
Our facials are personalized to your individual skin needs using the Eminence and Sircuit Cosmeceuticals to cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and hydrate the skin.

Deep Cleanse Complete Facial – $80
Skin is cleansed and steamed with a mask to soften skin and open pores. Blackheads, whiteheads, and other under skin oils are then manually extracted. This 60 minute facial comes with a fruit acid peel, which is applied to kill bacteria, sanitize the skin and loosen debris.

Oxygen Deep Cleanse Therapy – $140
This facial exfoliates, hydrates and rejuvenates skin which benefits all skin types including acne and rosacea prone skin. This service combines a deep cleansing facial with the added benefit of a oxygen infusing Jet Peel to promote healing and anti-aging.

Jet Peels – $115
Pure oxygen and a saline solution are used in an exfoliating and revitalizing treatment. Oxygen plumps and heals the skin as it kills bacteria leaving a cool clean feeling.

Microdermabrasion – $115
Organic grains are used as an intensive exfoliant to even and smooth skin texture, remove dead skin cells and encourage new cell growth.


Sircuit Oxy Twist – $150
Three exfoliating treatments in one service, our Oxy Twist includes two intensive retinol anti-aging peels followed by healing oxygen infusing Jet Peel.

The Trio – $150
The Trio intensive exfoliation begins with our microdermabrasion, followed by our ultra- hydrating Jet Peel and finished with a healing LED light therapy.

Fire & Ice – $115
Is designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, reducing fine lines & wrinkles, smoothing and softening while encouraging cellular renewals


Swedish Massage – 60 min for $70 90 min for $90
Promotes general relaxation, relieves tension, as well as improving blood circulation and range of motion.

Deep Tissue Massage – 60 min for $85 90 min for $120
Helps to release the chronic patterns of tenion in the body. Recommended for individuals who experience consistent pain, involved in heavy physical activity or previous physical injury.

Prenatal Massage – 60 min for $70
Swedish massage techniques adapted to address the changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy. Helps to lower anxiety, decrease back, hip and leg pain. Increases “feel good” hormones.


Consultation – Complimentary

Application w/consultation – $25

Special Occasion – $35 w/ pretrial – $45


Spray Tan Full Body/Legs only – $30/$20
Beautiful custom spray tanning using botanical based formulas.


Electrolysis – From $25
Electrical current is delivered to the hair follicle permanently prohibiting hair growth.

Laser Hair Removal – From $95
Docere’s newest hair removal laser is the fastest on the market today, operating 3 to 10 times faster than other devices. But the speed is not the best part….it is also the most comfortable device available. Docere’s new Emvera Diolux is equipped with a Sapphire cooled tip that eliminates pain.


Botox – $10 per unit
Medical grade injections reduce the contraction of the muscles that cause persistent fine lines and wrinkles.

Juvederm XC – $475 per syringe
A smooth consistency gel made of hyaluronic acid that helps add volume and hydration. Juvederm is injected under the skin to instantly restore your skin’s volume and reduce facial wrinkles and folds.

Restylane – $475 per syringe
This revitalizing medical grade dermal filler composed of hyaluronic acid is used to help in the reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Advanced Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus – From $295
We restore your unhealthy nails to their original healthy luster. Our new painless laser will let you confidently walk barefoot again!


IPL Laser Rejuvenation
Laser technology removes brown and red pigmentation through a process called photorejuvenation. Using pulsed broadband light, imperfections are gently heated and eliminated, giving your skin a more youthful appearance.

Pixel Laser Skin Resurfacing
Skin resurfacing laser that creates thermal channels causing collagen to rebuild, the skin to tighten, and texture to improve.

Ultrasound technology is used to reach the deeper musculature layers beneath the skin causing contraction and tightening to provide lift to sagging jawlines, upper face or lax brow line. Ultherapy, Pixel or IPL packages are also available.


CoolSculpting – Starting at $750
CoolSculpting® is the non-surgical body contouring treatment that freezes and naturally eliminates fat. No needles, no surgery and best of all, no downtime. CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared, safe and clinically proven.

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