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Docere can help you look your best. Want flawless, unblemished skin? How about a gorgeous tan? Want to see the latest make-up trends demonstrated by our award winning make-up artist? And, with make-up that is actually good for your skin? Docere’s the place! We’re here for you.

Did you know?

Tanning is Badding

The true cost of those trips to the tanning bed salon is premature aging and a 75% increased chance of developing melanoma. Everyone loves a radiant summer glow. A tanned complexion has become a common beauty standard in America. A healthy glow is great, depending on how you achieve it. A growing trend for quickly gaining a warm tan is the use of tanning beds. In 2016, the tanning salon industry grossed 2.6 billion dollars. Forget that, regular tanning increases the likelihood of developing melanoma by 75% or that 58% of teenagers receive burns from exposure to tanning beds. The temporary, radiant shade that tanning beds produce can lead to premature aging, which without costly treatments, can ruin your complexion for good. Studies have shown that bulbs using UV-A rays to create tans penetrate deeper into the skin, affecting more cells and causing more premature aging. Consider the future of your skin before you step into a booth.

By Calista Bullitt



Blemish Busting Facial (60 Minutes)

Deep cleansing facial includes skin analysis, steaming prior to extraction of impurities and oils, gentle fruit acid exfoliation, home care recommendations. $68

Teen Acne Oxy Facial (90 Minutes)

Includes our popular Blemish Busting Facial along with hydration and bacteria killing benefits of the Jet Peel exfoliation. $115

Fresh Face Facial (30 Minutes)

3 step mini facial includes skin analysis, steaming and light extractions. Introduce teens how to care for their skin and provide home care recommendations. $39

Spray Tan

Perfect for school dances, competitions or a summer glow! Custom sprayed using safe botanical based formulas. $30

Pixel Laser Resurfacing

Acne scar rejuvenation to help smooth past evidence of blemishes and breakouts. Recommended in a series for best results. Consultation required. Starting at $600

L.E.D. Light Therapy (25 Minutes)

Multiwave system produces healing effects, Blue LED wavelength has an antibacterial and acne fighting benefit. Reducing inflammation and promotes collagen increase for fading pigmentation left behind from acne. Can be added to any facial. $35 or $25 when added to any service

Intro to Make-up

Hands on lesson to apply natural looking make up and techniques needed to camouflage skin imperfections. $25

Eyebrow Shaping

Includes mini consultation to determine style desired and recommendations based on clients features prior to trimming and waxing of eyebrows. $15


gentle, effective organic wax to shape & manicure unruly hairs. We also offer Lip waxing and Bikini line waxing – Just ask us! Starting at $15

Services are priced especially for teen budgets. Facials are customized to individual needs. And, bring Mom along and she’ll get 10% a service when she is accompanied by a Docere teen!

Reviews from Teens

We wanted to learn about teen concerns and issues and design a program to help teens look their healthy best. So we went to the experts! We asked a panel of teens to try out our services and tell us what they learned and experienced.

“I recently had my second appointment for a deep cleansing facial at Docere Medical Spa. I’ve also had a fruit acid peel and a jet peel. I wanted to try something that would help improve my skin. This was such an amazing experience! The spa itself is beautiful and everyone is so professional yet welcoming. I felt completely relaxed and everything that was being done was explained thoroughly. All of my questions were answered and I learned a lot of do’s and don’t’s about skin care. I plan on going back for another deep cleansing facial soon!”

“This was my first facial experience and it was amazing. Dawn was my aesthetician and she made me feel so comfortable. I started going when my skin was at its worst and now I barely ever get breakouts! I’ve had three different facials and they all benefited my skin in some way. I can’t wait to try other services they have to offer!”

“I love Docere Medical Spa! I got an amazing deep cleansing facial and a fruit acid peel. It was an amazing experience! It was so relaxing; I have a really busy schedule with school and it was so nice to be able to clear my mind for a while. The atmosphere was wonderful and the music was so calming. During the facial I was walked through every step of the way, she made sure that I was comfortable with all steps of the process and she was very professional. Every step of the way I understood exactly what she was doing and she educated me so well on how to better take care of my skin. I loved my experience at Docere and I definitely would like to come back!”

“I’ve been coming to Docere for my facials for over a year now and it has changed my perspective on skin care. The style of skin care at Docere is treatment as well as prevention for potential future issues as aging and sun damage occur. The staff is warm, professional, and informative. I have been to a couple of girls for facials (Sharon and Maggie) and both properly explain procedures and inform me on the state of my skin and how I should be treating it. I can’t picture getting treated anywhere else!”

“My experience at Docere medical spa was excellent! The atmosphere is very friendly and nice. I got an all organic spray tan and was very pleased. The color was very natural, did not look overdone, and did not fade away very quickly.”

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