CoolSculpting For Men | Eliminate Stubborn Fat

CoolSculpting for men

CoolSculpting For Men | Eliminate Stubborn Fat

CoolSculpting, the popular fat freezing treatment, is not just for women. Many male patients seek out CoolSculpting for men. This non-invasive body contouring procedure is the safest way for men to reduce stubborn fat in their midsection to reveal a more firm, defined body. Learn more about freezing fat and if it is right for you.

Why the Surge in CoolSculpting for Men?

For men who exercise and diet regularly, stubborn fat deposits can be incredibly frustrating. Cold Sculpting is the perfect way for men to “spot-reduce” the areas holding on to fat. CoolSculpting for men helps guys reduce stubborn bulges like belly fat, love handles, and double chins.

CoolSculpting for Men Eliminates Belly Fat

The belly is a notorious problem area for both men and women. Stubborn fat cells tend to accumulate in this area despite all efforts to burn it off through diet and exercise.

This treatment is recommended in Men’s Journal by encouraging men to “Consider CoolSculpting, which freezes fat around your stomach. The tissue then dissipates from your body over a month or two, as if you’ve lost weight one pound at a time.”

This same article also highlights how the results you achieve from a CoolSculpting treatment are all-natural looking. “CoolSculpting takes effect gradually – that is, no one has to know you’re getting work – [it’s] a big reason for their skyrocketing growth [in CoolSculpting for men. It’s] also quick, between five minutes and an hour, and requires little prep beyond topical cream or high-potency aspirin.”

With so many benefits, it is no surprise why so many men are turning to this revolutionary treatment to help them eliminate stubborn belly fat.

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Freeze Away Embarrassing Chest Fat

When men think of their ideal body, they picture a contoured and chiseled chest for most men. There are a lot of men who struggle with an excess of fat in the chest area. This is known as a notorious problem referred to as “man boobs” or “moobs.” So, when a man struggles with stubborn fat bulges in their chest, it can be embarrassing. CoolSculpting is the safest, non-invasive way to eliminate those stubborn fat cells in the chest. The treatment effectively reduced “man boobs” to reveal defined, hard pecs and a sculpted chest area.

Is CoolSculpting for Men Right for Me?

If you’re tired of struggling with diet and exercise-resistant fat bulges and want to learn if CoolSculpting for men is right for you, schedule your consultation with Dōcerē Medical Spa and Laser Center. Our treatment specialists can help you understand the freezing fat treatment and how you can achieve a rock, hard body without surgery during your complimentary consultation. Call us at (216) 446-8467 to schedule yours now.


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How to Obtain the Best CoolTone Results Possible

CoolTone results

How to Obtain the Best CoolTone Results Possible

CoolTone results in a stronger, firmer, more athletic looking physique. This is clearly demonstrated in CoolTone before and after pictures and attested to in CoolTone reviews. Read on to learn more about CoolTone, see genuine before and after images, and discover the secrets for obtaining optimal results.

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CoolTone Results in Bigger, Stronger Muscles

CoolTone is a new body contouring treatment that is FDA cleared for treating muscles in the abdomen, buttocks, and upper legs. The treatment works by inducing muscle contractions that force muscle fibers to adapt to the stress placed on the tissues during the contractions. Following the 20,000 contractions of a single CoolTone treatment, the body creates new muscle cells and enlarges existing muscle cells. This results in volumetric growth and the development of a firmer more toned muscle.

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What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is the #1 fat reduction treatment. It is a popular alternative to liposuction because it reduces stubborn fat cells without the need for invasive surgery. CoolSculpting uses a scientific process known as Cryolipolysis to kill fat cells. During treatment, the bulges of fat are subjected to controlled cooling. This cooling freezes the fat cells, causing them to harden and rupture. Once they rupture, the fat cells can no longer do their job, so they die and process out of the body as waste. Once the fat cells are gone, they can never regrow. This is how CoolSculpting provides long-term results.

CoolSculpting works best on men and women who live a healthy, active life but still struggle with stubborn fat bulges. This treatment reduces fat cells in notorious problem areas like the lower abdomen, love handles, inner and outer thighs, double chin, and upper arm fat.

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CoolTone Before and After*

CoolTone results are best seen in before and after images of actual patients. Results may vary.* However, the patients depicted in these pictures were chosen to represent attainable outcomes.

cooltone before and after
cooltone before and after

How to Get the Best CoolTone Results Possible

As with any body shaping procedure, individual experiences may vary.* However, there are two influential factors to consider to better ensure you get the best CoolTone results possible from your treatments.

The first factor to consider is your provider’s level of experience. CoolTone is a technique sensitive procedure. The skill and expertise of the technician performing the treatment greatly influences your cooltone results. To ensure the most optimal outcomes possible, choose a CoolTone provider that is highly experienced with a reputation of patient safety and satisfaction, such as Dōcerē Medical Spa and Laser Center, the leading provider of body contouring treatments in Strongsville, OH.

Not only can a reputable provider better customize and perform your treatment, they should also be able to provide an expert opinion on your candidacy for the CoolTone treatment. No matter your body shape, a CoolTone treatment will enhance your muscles. But to achieve the coveted aesthetic of washboard abs, a firm lifted buttocks, or toned, firm thighs, it is important to have as little body fat obscuring those areas as possible. This is why many patients first undergo a CoolSculpting treatment prior to their CoolTone treatment. These two treatments compliment each other. CoolSculpting eliminates stubborn fat cells that obscure underlying musculature. CoolTone then enhances that musculature.

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CoolTone Near Me

Get started on your path to some amazing CoolTone results of your own. Schedule a free consultation with Dōcerē Medical Spa and Laser Center. Reach out online or call (216) 446-8467 today.


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